It will be a pleasure for me and I am glad to work for you prospectively and hope to welcome you as my very satiesfied client and business partner in future
 certified acc. to SCC 17**
 Environmental,  Health an Safety  Coordinator 
 Qualified Person acc. to DGUV 312-906

Project- and on site management

Sitemanagement, project planer, claim- and qualitätymanagement for projects in industrial mechanical engineering and construction

Monitoring and transaction of restructurings, coordination, control and accounting of all maintenance group which are embedded in the project

Consulting services for the client to clarify technical details in building projects

Stefan Hansen 
Inhaber / Owner 
Binsenweg 8
D-49770 Herzlake
Mobil:  +49 163 1645651 
Office: +49 

be up-to-date

Make ensure that you know at any time in your building project where your milestones are

Avoid circumstantial and unneeded ways in terms of the factual situation of your capital expenditure

Be informed about the compliance of schedule and budget